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8777 Lyons Road, Waynesboro, PA 17268                       540-319-3155

Little Antietam Creek, Inc. (LACI) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to inspire and educate people of all ages in the lives of past people (when, where, how and why they lived) and the process of researching and preserving those lives.


So what better way to accomplishing this mission than by welcoming participants of all ages and descriptions to work along side professionals and learn the methods and procedures used in archaeological and historical research?

Little Antietam Creek, Inc., LACI for short, is headquartered at the Stoner Farm just south of Waynesboro, Pennsylvania.  The Stoner Farm was settled by German Baptist (Dunker) farmers, Johannes and Catrin Steiner (Stoner in English) in 1744.  Two hundred seventy years later a part of the once almost 3000 acre farm is still owned by descendants of Hans and Catrin.

With standing historic structures, 127 acres and numerous archaeological sites (and undoubtedly many that we don’t know about) the Stoner Farm is an ideal place to learn and teach about the past.

At LACI we take pride in conducting thorough and professional research, but just because the work is professional all those participating in it don’t have to be.  That is why all of our research projects, whether they be in archaeology, local history, restoration or material culture are open to participation by students, interns and volunteers - no experience is necessary.

LACI focuses on archaeology and, as such local history.  Archaeology is uniquely suited to learning how people lived in the past because we study the places they lived and the things they used.  The culture of the past influences the culture of the present.  That is why we are especially interested in attracting participants from the local community as well as disseminating our research results to them.

We accomplish this through a number of programs and forums including classes, workshops, demonstrations, our newsletter that’s more than a newsletter the LACI Lowdown, and a volunteer program in conjunction with Washington County Historic Trust.


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