So, you say you always wanted to be an archaeologist? Well, now is your chance. The purpose of LACI is to teach the process of historical research while conducting quality, in-depth investigations. Volunteers are part of the archaeological crew, working and learning alongside the professionals.

But, you say you would like to be an archaeologist but you're not really into getting dirty, do not care for grubs and worms, and that image of Indiana Jones being chased by a giant stone ball keeps flashing through your mind? Well your in luck because LACI does more than just archaeology and all aspects of what we do are open to volunteer help.  We will put you where you will be the most productive, learn the most and, most importantly, have the best time.

Volunteer Opportunities

Archaeological Excavation

Archaeological Laboratory Work

Documentary Research

Buildings Restoration Work

Designing and Implementing Education Programs

Fund Raising and Event Planning

If you are interested in volunteering give us a call at 717-387-2501 or 540-319-3155 or email at contactlaci@littleantietam.org.  Make sure you include your name, contact information, interests and availability.



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